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Identifying Fire Hazards this Summer

Insurance - 10/06/2019

Without much spring occurring we find ourselves already at the doorstep of summer. With the hotter and dryer months to come, we should be reminded of the northern and southern California fires that devastated so much only a short time ago. For property owners who have not already done so, the time is now to “spring-clean” yards and storage areas that can become potential fire hazards.

When the sun dominates the season, yards can end up with dry brush and tall weeds in addition to dead leaves that gather and create fire hazard areas. Dead and dry plant life is a common cause of fire break outs. In fact, our agency had a client fire loss claim that originated from a dead potted plant in the hot sun along with fertilizers that were in the soil compound. Needless to say, sometimes fire hazards are not easily identifiable. Generally speaking, it is always best to keep yards and storage areas free from debris and clutter and ventilated as well if needed. Surveying side and backyards for debris and clutter, dry dead plants, stacked or piled combustibles and removing these items can go a long way in preventing fires around your property. Have a safe summer, be sure to take some time to do this, and pass these thoughts to a neighbor.


Chris Franceschini, Complete Insurance Services | IWMGroup


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